Nepalese cultural evening in Trondheim

Do you know that there is a community of Nepali students in Trondheim, called as  NeST ( Every year NeST organizes a cultural evening, where a classical and traditional view of Nepal is reproduced with lots of fun and delicious Nepali dinner.

This year’s cultural evening is scheduled for 29th March 2014 17:00-20:00 at Auditorium R2 Realfagsbygget, Gøshaugen Campus. Student: NOK 75, Others: NOK 100.

Please have a look on the following video as a short overview of activities you will be celebrating that evening.

You are most welcome to be a part of this event and cherish a good memories, and also meet/make Nepali friends. For further information and reserving your space please visit the following link.

We look forward to see you in the event!

Best Regards,

Biraj Singh Thapa

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